Endometriosis Awareness Week 4

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Endometriosis awareness month is still going! As it is our last newsletter for March, we have a bunch of more shareable information, including some myth-busters. Remember, a good link to share is our basic all About Endometriosis that has short and to the point information about endometriosis as well as links for more info. Keep that endo conversation going!

Food is important in our lives! There is no one specific diet for endometriosis. No food, diet, or supplement will “cure” endometriosis, but it can help manage symptoms and is great for overall health and well-being. Your diet needs to be individualized to your specific needs, and it can take quite a bit of experimentation to find what works for you. For more info on diet, see: https://nancysnookendo.com/diet-and-nutrition/

With the goal to improve symptom management and to feel better overall, some alternative and complementary therapies can be helpful. For more info, see: https://nancysnookendo.com/alternative-and-complementary-therapies/

“Hysterectomy is a definitive cure for endometriosis.” Myth-buster: Endometriosis can still persist after a hysterectomy. (A hysterectomy can hep related conditions that involve the uterus however.) https://nancysnookendo.com/myths-and-misinformation/

“Endo will go away with menopause.” Myth-buster: Endometriosis can still persist after menopause. https://nancysnookendo.com/myths-and-misinformation/

“Getting pregnant will help.” Myth-buster: Pregnancy is not a cure or treatment for endometriosis. The fact that endometriosis is one of the leading causes of infertility makes this all the more painful. https://nancysnookendo.com/myths-and-misinformation/

“You’re too young to have endometriosis. ” Myth-buster: Endometriosis can be found in teens and can be found in “advanced” stages. https://nancysnookendo.com/myths-and-misinformation/

“There wasn’t much endo there so it must not be causing your symptoms.” Or “you only have minimal endometriosis so it’s not affecting your fertility.” Myth-buster: Minimal endometriosis can cause severe symptoms and can affect fertility. https://nancysnookendo.com/pain-associated-with-minimal-endometriosis/ and https://nancysnookendo.com/myths-and-misinformation/

“Your symptoms can’t be that bad- it’s just in your head.” Myth-buster: Endometriosis can cause significant symptoms based on very real pathophysiology. https://nancysnookendo.com/myths-and-misinformation/

Early diagnosis and effective treatment can lead to improved quality of life and lessen the detrimental effects from long term pain and suffering. Increasing awareness of symptoms and best practice treatment is important!

Endometriosis awareness does not end in March for those of us who have suffered from it. If we can each reach out to teach another, then maybe that other person won’t have to go through what we did to not only find a diagnosis but find effective treatment. Please feel free to share the resources provided on our website. (You can further support our work here.)