Endometriosis: Impact on Work

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We see time and again the impact the symptoms of endometriosis have on daily life. Regarding work and productivity, researchers found that people with endometriosis reported “17.1% of work time missed, 41.8% impaired work ability, 46.5% overall work impairment, and 41.4% activity impairment” with the greatest effect of fatigue and productivity impairment on those in their 30’s (Soliman et al., 2021). Another study reports that persons with endometriosis were “less often able to work in their desired profession than women from the control group…and they had to take health-related limitations into consideration in their career decisions to a significantly higher degree than women in the control group” (Sperschneider et al., 2019). Chronic pain from endometriosis was “was significantly associated with increased sick leave as well as with loss of productivity at work” (Sperschneider et al., 2019). How has endometriosis impacted your ability to work?


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