Lisa Magnuson

Lisa Magnuson had her first surgery – not for endo, but a bone graft– at age 12, again at 15.  Although Ms. Magnuson had heavy, painful periods, her doctors were not concerned, placing her at 14 on an oral contractive pill (OCP) medication.  After her second bone graft, on OCP for the first time, Lisa experienced an eating disorder, severe depression, and self-harm behavior.  She was hospitalized, placed on a medication for depression (SSRI), received counseling, and recovered healthy behaviors, but quit high school, receiving her GED at 17. She remained on OCP.

She began college. Ms. Magnuson withdrew after 5 semesters.  She attended appointments complaining of severe menstrual pain and was shifted from one OCP to another, with intermittent SSRI and counseling for depression. She moved, attended another university, and earned her BA.  She experienced musculoskeletal pain and reactions to foods and products.  She remained on OCP.

In 2008, Ms. Magnuson married and began TTC; OCP ended and the SSRI became unnecessary.  Then, acute abdominal pain finally required emergency care, and deep infiltrating endometriosis (DIE) was found during emergency laparoscopy in 2010.

Ms. Magnuson’s Primary Doctor said, “we don’t treat endometriosis here” and referred her to an obstetrician/gynecologist.

Research online then led Ms. Magnuson to Nancy and the Endometriosis Research Center (ERC)!  Just in time.

After appropriate research, and with the help of all available resources, Lisa chose a doctor.

Ms. Magnuson’s 2010 excision surgery included a partial bowel resection, relocation and suspension of both ovaries, removal of lesions and scar tissue. The specialist surgeon Lisa chose, Dr. Mosbrucker, was honest, determined and expert.  After a rough recovery, Ms. Magnuson subsequently experienced chocolate cyst on her reconstructed R ovary post excision and returned in 2011 for another excision with right salpingo-oophorectomy (removal of tube and ovary).

Ms. Magnuson provided basic admin support to Nancy’s team of experts spreading evidence-based health information.  Ms. Magnuson and her spouse became parents through an open adoption.  Ms. Magnuson earned an MBA.

Ms. Magnuson elected robotic hysterectomy in 2017, experiencing complete and lasting relief from severe adenomyosis pain. Other problems remained, and she was labeled with anxiety prior to diagnosis of ADHD at age 45.  Ms.  Magnuson, exhausted, resigned from her cherished job, looking for day to day wellness solutions.  She took a 4-year break from Nook.

Today, Ms. Magnuson endorses her own version of wellness and is excited to resume light research and social media activity.  She celebrates the work of Nancy Petersen and her supporters.  Please consider donating to to support this project.

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