Michelle Hanoski

Michelle Hanoski suffered with painful and heavy periods for 13 years before she began experiencing daily pelvic pain at the age of 26. She was surgically diagnosed with endometriosis the following year. 3 years later after 2 failed ablation surgeries, the pain had become so debilitating that she had to go on leave from her job. She had 5 failed surgeries for endo and pelvic congestion before finding Nancy’s Nook. After learning about excision surgery, she travelled from Canada to Washington in 2014 to undergo treatment for endo and suspected adenomyosis. The surgery was successful and she hasn’t looked back! She no longer has daily pelvic pain and has been able to resume her demanding career as a business owner. Nancy’s Nook changed her life and she is honoured to play a small role in the call for change to endometriosis treatment