Sallie Sarrel

Sallie Sarrel

After nearly two decades of pain, stomach aches and pelvic pain Dr. Sallie Sarrel PT ATC DPT, was diagnosed with endometriosis. Enduring multiple surgeries, including excision of endometriosis, and years of integrative treatments for endometriosis, she designed her Pelvic Physical Therapy practice to be a safe haven and a resource for all people with endometriosis and all who seek relief from pain that many believe is unmentionable. Sallie believes everyone should have a voice in their treatment. No one with endometriosis should feel minimized and lost.

Frustrated by the standard of care for endometriosis and desiring to further endometriosis education, Sallie and Dr. Andrea Vidali founded The Endometriosis Summit: Patient & Practitioner Town Meeting. The Endometriosis Summit stands as the largest endometriosis patient driven conference, to date, in the US. 

Sallie’s work in the treatment of endometriosis and dyspareunia is unparalled. She was a part of Endo What? and is supported by the Endometriosis Research Center and is an administrator for Nancy’s Nook. Sallie also has lectured worldwide including in China and Brazil. 

Also known as the Hernia Whisperer, Sallie has been invited to lecture at multiple conferences on the connection between occult hernias and endometriosis and has served as invited faculty to the Society for LaproEndoscopic Surgery for her work in pelvic pain for many years.

Facebook: Sallie Sarrel Physical Therapist: Endometriosis and Pelvic Pain Management

Instagram and Twitter: drsalliept