Thankful for resources on endometriosis

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It was Thanksgiving week in the USA- a time to take a moment to focus our attention on what we are grateful to have. While there is much to be learned about endometriosis and the best treatment, I am grateful for the researchers, healthcare providers, and advocates who are working to better the understanding and care of endometriosis. There are researchers out there trying to decipher the way endometriosis originates, functions, and affects people in order to lead to better treatment. There are healthcare professionals out there such as surgeons refining their skill in removing endometriosis as well as teaching others how to do so, therapists who help with the effects that endometriosis has on our bodies and minds, and advocates who are working to bring attention to this disease. There are too many to list them all but visit our Articles and Website links page as well as the links on Podcasts and Videos to see just a small sampling of those out there working to better endometriosis care.