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Links for those in the UK:


  • Someone shared this information with us about having surgery in the UK and what to expect afterwards: After surgery, you may not be told about your surgery findings at discharge. When you are discharged, you will often be told you are no longer under “their care” as an inpatient, which means the day unit’s care. The doctor should send a referral to outpatient appointments for a post-operative appointment to be made with either that doctor or a member of that team. It is at this outpatient post-operative appointment that you will find out about your surgical findings.  You should, under NHS rules, have a post-op appointment within 8 weeks; however, if you haven’t heard about an appointment after 6 weeks, then you might want to ring appointments. They should send a letter to your GP stating that you will be seen 8-12 weeks post-operatively. If you have trouble getting an appointment, then your GP should be able to help you with this.