As much as we love facts and studies, it is the patient experience that drives us to advocate for those with endometriosis. Endometriosis can affect each of us in individual and specific ways in our lives. Sometimes knowing others have a shared experience and know what we’re going through can help. Here you will find stories that others have chosen to share. It might range from experience from a husband’s perspective to being a parent with endometriosis to how endometriosis has affected others’ quality of life.

Barriers to Care

We posted a request among the members of Nancy’s Nook to tell us the barriers to good endometriosis care they encountered. It garnered 250 rapid responses, powerful, angry, logical, expectant, perplexed, and wondering what is the matter with the industry

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Parenting is Hard, Even Harder with Endometriosis

Parenting is difficult. Throw in a chronic illness like endometriosis and it about feels impossible. Adding insult to injury, some providers still think that pregnancy is a viable treatment for endometriosis! Little tidbit here: “Available data on the development of endometriosis during and after pregnancy show fewer beneficial effects than previously reported.

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