Keep Endometriosis Awareness Going

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As we come to the end of endometriosis awareness month, those of us with endometriosis knows it doesn’t end in March. Raising awareness and fighting against misinformation is a constant effort. Please feel free to share links from the webpage. The more we share, the more awareness and up-to-date information is out there for others. It can be discouraging to see so much of the same old misinformation perpetuated that can cause others to suffer as we have. Let’s spread hope!

We have collected all the infographs shared on Nancy’s Nook Facebook page and have sprinkled them throughout the website so that you can share the infograph and the link to more information. All the infographs are also collected here.

Endometriosis Quick Facts to Share is also another good resource to share. One of my favorites to reference to is the Myths and Misinformation page. Keep the awareness going, because endometriosis doesn’t stop in March.