Donna Laux

Donna Laux had her first endo surgery at 22, after many years of pain. She suffered from endo through four surgeries and danocrine therapy (twice). She had very extensive disease and had excision twice, the first with Dr. Redwine, that included a bowel resection, and later with Dr. Albee, but has now been pain-free for more than 20 years. Donna served on the Board of Directors for the Endometriosis Association, on the ERC as an Advisor, and she was the Founding Program Director of the CEC in Atlanta, working with Drs. Albee and Sinervo there. She has written and spoken extensively about endometriosis nationwide. Education and empowerment are her twin goals: “I never want another woman to feel as alone and helpless as I did” she says. In 2018, Donna accepted a position as Communications Director with Dr. Nick Kongoasa of the Center for Restorative Reproductive Surgery (CRRS).